Always drive defensively

Um eines klar zu stellen: Grundsätzlich liebe ich das Autofahren und bin unsere ungekrönte Familienchauffeuse. Aber auf Kenias Strassen und ganz besonders in Nairobi wird aus der Liebe innert Sekundenbruchteilen der pure Hass. Warum? Tja, die tödlichen Gefahren, die einen begleiten, habe ich im letzten Post erwähnt und hier folgen die Sicherheitshinweise, die ich zusätzlich bekomme und die mir ebenfalls keinerlei Freude bereiten:
Always drive defensively, expecting the worst and from the most unlikely sources. Obey all traffic rules, even when other drivers do not.
  • Armed Vehicle Hijacking
This is a common crime in Nairobi. If you become a victim of car hijacking do as you are told and do not resist the hijackers. If you comply, there is a strong likelihood that you will be released unharmed.
Always take the basic precautions highlighted above seriously. According to police statistics, most of the current carjackers are petty criminals who usually apply some of the following tactics to their unsuspecting victims:
    • -  The Good Samaritan – Someone appears to be in need of help and you stop to assist, then you get carjacked.
    • -  The gate – The carjackers ambush you as you wait for the gate to your residence to be opened.
    • -  The road block - They erect a road block on a road with little traffic during the late hours of the night.
    • -  The Accident – The carjackers use a second vehicle to collide with your car forcing you to stop.
The above list of tactics is not exhaustive. However, the best precaution one can take is to always be alert and never attempt to resist if you are confronted by carjackers. Try to avoid driving along quiet roads, especially late at night. If you have gate guards make arrangements with them to reduce the amount of time you have to wait between arriving at the gate and entering your compound.

Und mit diesen letzten Sätzen dürfte auch wieder einmal klar sein, warum wir abends eben nur selten unterwegs sind. Die Strasssenzustände waren, sind und bleiben ein grosser Stressfaktor in unserem Leben hier.
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